How Ring Payment is Changing The Game With Wearable Biometric Authentication

As the world has transitioned towards complete digitization, people have become more tech-inclined, which has allowed the criminal hackers to earn undue advantage making various business sectors the victims of their unlawful demands. Thankfully, with AI picking up its speed, the smart ring payment has emerged as a game changer with wearable biometric authentication to defeat unethical hackers and curtail data manipulation, data breaches and digital ransomware attacks.

Biometric certification like voice and face recognition, fingerprint and iris scanning was already gaining prominence over and above the primitive authentication methods like passwords and SMS passcodes. But, the biometric ring payment is taking the entire electronic payment industry by storm. The top global banks like Dutch Bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and ABN AMRO Group have already launched their wearable smart rings; you can link them with your debit or credit cards to make payments.

A Smart Ring: What is it?

A Smart ring is a wearable electronic device, which comes in the size of a conventional ring, incorporating advanced mobile components like NFC chips and sensors to perform various applications making it an ingenious substitute for smartwatches and fitness bands. However, the uses of smart rings are not limited to daily tracking activities. Rather, this mini device can also enable you to make contactless payments, restricting unethical access control with AI-powered gesture control and activity tracking.

Payment Ring: How does it work?

The smart payment ring has integrated fingerprint sensors that respond only when the authorized person uses it. Therefore, you can get Multiple-Factor Authentication (MFA) benefits and login support with no password just by a simple gesture while wearing the ring. After completing your shopping, when you go for payment, make a fist and hold your knuckles close to the card reader, and that’s all you have to do!

The smart ring is a new e-payment medium that can relieve you from the tension of losing your plastic money cards. Also, you can move anywhere without carrying thick wallets and a pile of cards. As the next-gen product, the smart ring brings a lot of advantages for its users. Nevertheless, it also upgrades your style statement as a tech-fashioned product. As one of the industry-leading Indian Financial Service providers, Transcorp has launched India’s first-ever Smart Payment Ring; grab the one for yourself and flaunt your fashion!

Smart Ring and its Advantages

Below mentioned are some benefits that Smart Rings assure:

  • Function: Whether or not a biometric ring is worth purchasing depends on the purpose behind its usage. If you are looking for a smart ring for fitness tracking or contactless payment, nothing can give a better performance than it. Sleek and compact in style alongside feather-like weight makes it the most comfortable option to seek.
  • Battery: Indeed, the battery life that smart rings have, is more in comparison to smartwatches and fitness bands because they do not include any screen. The small battery packs installed inside the mini rings can last up to a week before they require further charging.
  • Design: Generally made up of harmful chemical-free high-quality hypoallergenic clinical plastic, the tiny tech-fashioned biometric ring has an elegant design helping your fingers look stunning.
  • Privacy: In terms of privacy, nothing can beat smart rings. Even some smart watches speak out loud, which might disclose all your private information. But, the tiny electronic rings maintain the utmost privacy while securing your transactions and other activities.
  • Cost: The pricing of smart rings is on the higher side because it requires an integrated design to facilitate many functions. However, you will also get various budget-friendly smart rings that perform specific tasks like contactless payments, opening doors or controlling your smartphone and data storage. Do you wish to buy a smart payment ring but are worried about its price? Relax and contact Transcorp for the best-quality rings at affordable price ranges!

Types of Smart Rings

You will be dazzled by the myriad smart ring collection available on the market. However, get yourself the one that serves your purpose. Here are the most preferred ones:

  • McLEAR Ring: As a tech-fashioned product; introduced for the first time in the market, this Near-Field Communication (NFC) smart ring assures contactless payment for iOS and Android devices. Fashioned from premium-quality zirconia ceramic, the McLEAR payment ring requires connectivity with the user’s Debit or Credit Account for proper application.‍
  • Token Ring: Taking a step forward, the Token Ring can ascertain whether or not the actual user is wearing it. It has optical sensors fitted inside, making it safer for transactional purposes. Once you take off the ring, it automatically slips into the lock mode safeguarding your accounts and personal information from illegal access.
  • Oura Smart Ring: Different from the first two categories, the Ouray ring is basically a sleep tracker developed for keeping an eye on your circadian rhythm and nightly rest. It can also track your other day-to-day activities, pulse rate, body temperature etc. Available in many color options, this smart device is a must-have if you are a fashion-cum-fitness enthusiast.
  • Motiv Ring: Another type of smart fitness ring that is slim and lightweight is the Motive Ring. This type of AI-powered ring usually assists you in keeping track of your calorie intake, footsteps and distances you travel alongside heart rate, sleeping habits etc. It goes further, allowing you to access different websites. So, if you are a fitness lover, this deluxe-looking tiny tech device is bound to attract your attention.

A new addition to the world of technology, the smart rings are blowing people’s minds with their stunning styles and features. Drawing the attention of all fashion and fitness enthusiasts, the minuscule electronic device is working wonders breaking all the boundaries and taking e-payment to the next level. Recently introduced to the Indian markets, the smart rings are obvious to benefit many consumers, including those who encourage health and fitness and others involved in daily business transactions. Do you need detailed information about biometric ring payments? Consider visiting the Transcorp official website and dial the helpline number!

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