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I hereby confirm, that in the case of a mismatch in the address detail provided by me and the address registered and retrieved from Aadhaar, I consent to consider my address registered in Aadhaar for records, if required: Terms and Conditions

That all the particulars and information given in this Application Form (and all documents referred or provided therewith) are true, correct, complete and up-to-date in all respects and I have not withheld any information. I understand that certain particulars given by me are required by operational guidelines governing issuance of Pre-Paid Instruments (PPI). I agree and undertake to provide further information and documents that Transcorp International Limited may require. I hereby give my consent to use all information and KYC documents provided by me for the purpose of issuing the PPI to me. I hereby undertake to follow all the terms and conditions which are applicable on issuance of PPI. I permit contactless transactions facility to be enabled on my Transcorp PPI instrument