Benefits of Health Insurance policies for a Family

Health insurance service

Medical expenses in India are not affordable when you consider private hospitals. Around 30% of the population in India is middle-class families. It is difficult for them to avail top-class medical services considering their income. Health Insurances plans are the solution for that. Usually, this insurance covers medical expenses for one individual, but what about your family? Rather than taking multiple individual policies, it is wiser to take a family plan which covers the medical expenses of everyone in one policy. In this plan, a fixed sum insured is shared by the entire family, assuming everyone will not get sick at the same time. 

Health Insurance policies are necessary for this day and age. Amidst this pandemic, the future has become so uncertain. To cope, everyone should be insured, so that in any unfortunate times you don’t have to worry about the monetary component. Health insurances are much more accepted and sought after now. Read this article till the end to know about all the benefits of a Family health insurance plan and what they cover. 

Benefits of a Family Health Insurance Policy

As the name suggests, the plan is best suited for a family. Let’s see how the benefits are different from an individual health insurance plan.

  • One policy for all: You can cover the entire family with a single policy which will include you, your spouse and dependent children.
  •   Affordable and hassle-free: Rather than tracking and handling three individual insurance it is better to go for a family health insurance plan. That way premiums will be affordable and, you don’t have to keep in check with three individual policies, which will make your life easier.
  • Adding new family members to the plan is easy: You can not add new members to an existing individual insurance policy. You have to take an additional insurance policy for a new member. That is not the case with a Family health insurance plan. For an added premium you can add another member to your existing plan.
  • Option for adding additional benefits: You can easily add benefits like ‘critical illness cover’ or ‘maternity cover’ to your family health insurance plan and, you can avail of discounts on premiums depending upon the number of members and their ages. 
  • Tax benefits: Premiums paid up to Rs.25,000 for yourself and Rs.30,000 for parents in one year can be claimed as Tax Benefits under section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961.

These are some benefits that a Health insurance policy for a family has. Make sure you have availed of all these benefits when you take the policy.

Features of a Good Family Health Insurance Plan

Family health plans are a big deal for a family, the entire medical expense depends upon it. Here are some features that a policy should have:

  • Option for Cashless settlement: In a Cashless Settlement scenario, an Insurer is not required to pay any amount to the hospital for the medical services. The Insurance company directly settles the transaction with the hospital. 
  • Increased Sum Insured: Health insurance policies are usually done for a long time, so the Sum insured at the beginning has a risk of getting affected by inflation. So always make sure to opt for a policy that will increase your Sum insured over time.    
  • Renewability: Always choose a policy that has a lifetime renewability feature so that you get cover for your entire life.

Health Insurance plans are designed to be as comprehensive as possible to provide a holistic cover to the Insured. Let’s take a look at things a Family health insurance policy covers:

  • Patient Hospitalisation expense: All expenses made towards hospitalisation (like Room rents, ICU charges, Doctor visits and OT Charges) of any family member who is insured under the policy will be covered.
  • Day care Procedures: Minor operations which do not require an extended stay at the hospitals are also covered. 
  • Ambulance Charges: The policy covers the expenses made towards availing of an ambulance.
  • Maternity Cover: Most health insurance plans offer to cover the pregnancy-related medical expenses of the insured.
  • Mental Illness cover: Mental health issues of persons insured under the policy is also covered in this policy

Choosing a good family health insurance plan is very important. Make sure to check for these benefits in the policy you choose. The best place to look for a policy is now online. Search for the best Family Health insurance plans by Transcoprint right now! And protect your family from any medical emergency.