How Does a Travel Money Card Work?

travel money card

The breakout of the covid-19 pandemic has not just put the entire travel industry into significant difficulties; the challenges that the travel lovers faced were also equally noteworthy. However, many countries are emerging from their lockdown; as the situation is taking a turn for the better, giving a chance for the tourism industry; to come to full bloom once again. If you are a travel addict, without question, this is an opportunity for you to get ready for the next trip. While you might focus on packing luggage and arranging for visas, you should be even more thoughtful about acquiring foreign currencies. What comes in handy here is the Travel money card

What is a travel money card?

Money is an important thing to consider when travelling abroad, but carrying a lot of cash would not be safe. On the other hand, using your credit card in foreign states would not also be cost-effective. A travel money card thus helps you to keep multiple currencies while travelling abroad. With this card, you can store different mediums of exchanges at one time without any fees hidden. Hence, if you have a particular currency on your card, it will automatically be used for that country you have visited. 

How does a travel money card work?

With the development of modern technology, foreign currency exchange is not a big deal now. The travel money card has become a boon for people having an overseas visit. Generally, it is a prepaid card, which you have to fill with the currency of the country you are visiting. Therefore, you can use the card the same way you would use your credit or the debit card back at home. For instance, if you already have loaded USD, Euro and some other foreign currencies in your card and you went to the USA, the card will automatically use the USDs first whenever you pay for anything.

Following are the benefits of having a travel card:

  • You can load several foreign currencies into one travel money card. It is beneficial if you plan to visit a few different countries.
  • You have the facility to lock the exchange rates before you travel, giving you certainty over your money. 
  • You don’t have to pay conversion charges. Hence, it is a gainful option; if compared to a travel credit or debit card.


Are online facilities available for reloading my travel money card?

Yes, online facilities are available for reloading your travelling card whenever you need them. 

Is taking out money from a travel card difficult?

No, withdrawing money from your travel money card is easy. You can withdraw from ATM or through a Bank transfer.

Is having more than one travel card beneficial?

You can use multi-national currencies with one card only. Hence, you would not need more than one.


A travel money card has become a suitable and safe way to buy foreign currency, devoid of expensive conversion charges. There are several travel money cards available in the market. The experts at Transcorpint can help you choose the one right for you.