10 Benefits of Renting a Car For Trips

renting a car

When travelling abroad, you may want to explore one city thoroughly, for you may want to spend a week or more and explore several other towns so that you can visit more of the place and get a sense of all that makes it touristy. After a busy lifestyle and the Chaos of work, holidays and renting a car for that are the best way to unwind yourself and get a little relaxation. 


If a long drive or a road trip means a vacation for you, consider renting a car instead of taking your personal vehicle. Travelling to another country leaves you with many options for transport such as bus, taxis, trains or two-wheelers. But the best option is to rent a car. Check out the advantages of car renting to make your next holiday a memorable one. 

  • Freedom of travelling:Choosing public transportation when you are travelling offers a lot of limitations. The buses may not take you to rural places where you might find a historic site. Subways are typically confined to major cities, and trains only offer one stopper City. Therefore, when you avail of intercity car rental services, you have the freedom to go wherever you want, visit out-of-the-way locations, and change your itineraries as you go.
  • Budget-friendly: Train trips and bus routes on your travels not only add up to a lot of wasted time but also a lot more money. The cost is also likely to rise unexpectedly if you take a taxi to travel around the city. Renting a car can consequently save you a lot of money, which will help you stay on budget.
  • Memorable experiences: When you rent a car in a different country, you can experience new and memorable moments that become great stories moving forward. As a visitor, you get a better sense of the place and its culture when you stop by sites and learn new things that catch your attention. Using public transport won’t allow you this freedom. 
  • Convenience: Renting a car is the most sensible option when travelling abroad:
    1. You do not need to worry about insurance as car rental services already have it covered.
    2. Cars would have updated navigation, making it easy to roam securely.
    3. You can travel like a local as people are less likely to perceive you as a tourist.
  • Comfort: Even though long-distance buses and public transport are cheap, you might find yourself uncomfortable squeezing with dozens of other tourists who want to get on the bus first. Choosing to buy a car on rent ensures that your vacation is comfortable and you have the privacy you want. 
  • Better safety: Driving can be an excellent way to experience your vacation since you are in control of the vehicle. However, in the event of an unfortunate breakdown, you can depend on the rental assistance given under the terms & conditions of car rental services. Rental assistance generally includes towing services, flat tyre assistance, and emergency fuel delivery. 
  • Lot of choices to choose from: Intercity car rental services are the best options as they offer a wide range of car options to choose from. You can select a car that fits the nature of your vacation and your capability. Renting a car gives you the chance to try a vehicle you have wanted to drive for a long time and gives you hands-on experience in driving, testing its performance and comfort.
  • Easy for international tourists:Renting a car is the easiest and cheapest mode of transport when visiting a country for the first time. If you are travelling internationally, you may face some difficulty finding your way to a new place. Therefore, when you buy a car on rent, services like GPS, pick up and drop will make your travel experiences more convenient.
  • Get some ‘me-time’:Vacation means relaxation. When travelling hundreds of miles away from home, renting a car can give you more time to enjoy yourself. You will also spend less time finding your vacation spot and more time relaxing and exploring the new place. However, remember to have a driver’s licence before you buy a car on rent.
  • Prior experience: When you rent a car, even when travelling, it gives you a rough idea of the type of car, SUV or truck that you want to purchase after you get back home. If you had an initial plan to buy a new car, you can do a test drive on your rented car and see how it goes for you.
  • Conclusion:All in all, the comfort and benefits of renting a car is huge. With the brilliant car rental services these days, you can make easy car booking and payments. However, make sure you have a driver’s licence and understand the driving regulatory actions of the place you are travelling to you. So, rent a car and make your next holiday a memorable one. 

Car Rental Services in India – A Complete Guide

Car rental services

When commuting across a new city, what would you prefer? Would it be public transport or a rented private car? Even a few years back, the majority would have answered in favour of public transport. But standing in 2021, given the present situation, most would reply “it’s better to rent a private car.” The reasons would be convenience, comfort, affordability, easy availability of reliable car rental services in India as well as abroad and most importantly the COVID-19 pandemic.
With the pandemic induced social distancing norms still keeping us at safe distances, people prefer to travel in cars rather than public transportation. Getting a long term car rental service to move across your city or when you are out vacationing or visiting another city for work purposes, makes the conveyance easy and accessible. One is no longer required to travel in crowded buses and trains, minimizing the risk of contracting the virus.
Other than the safety and hygiene issues, car rental companies are also known to provide well-maintained vehicles and lucrative deals on rental packages, making it more appealing to the people. There is a lot to explore and understand about rentals, especially if you are yet to try such a service. This write-up aims to inform you about all the essential details.

Types of Car Rental Services

There are different variations in car rental services, such as:
On-demand Cab services: This is the most popularly used car service, where you get a vehicle on-demand with a chauffeur/driver. Cab services are the immediate alternatives for public transport like city taxis, autos, and buses. The car ride is booked online through an app and the driver picks you up from your location taking you to your destination for a charge that is appropriate for that hour of the day.
Self-drive rental car: Here you get a vehicle on rent to suffice travelling needs but without the driver. The company provides you with a well-maintained car of your choice for a certain period against rent. You can rent it for a few days, every month, or just a day. Different packages determine the rent as per the car model, the duration, and other vehicular features.
Intercity Car Rental: Intercity car rental services allow you to rent a vehicle from your city to another and vice versa. These can be self-driven cars or ones with drivers, as per your preference.
Outstation Car Rental Services: Suppose you are vacationing in a different city and you require a means of conveyance that you can access 24×7. Outstation car rental services usually run a pan-India network, where the company has the connections to provide you with a vehicle in a city other than yours for any period.
Rent a Car Abroad: There are car rental services in India that can arrange a car for you during your overseas travels as well. Since these are self-drive rented cars you need an international driver’s license to book and use it.
Moreover, there are also luxury cars and vintage cars that you can rent for special occasions. You can also get cars that specifically serve people travelling to and from the railway stations and airports.

Benefits of Renting a Car

For the remaining part of this blog, we will keep our focus on the self-drive car rental services, which offer both short-term and long term car rental packages. Why you should think of availing such a service?

  • Unlike public transport, you can travel in peace with your friends and family without any ambient noise and chatter from the crowd.

  • Since you are travelling either alone or with friends and family, there would be nary a chance that you would come in contact with a COVID infected person. It is social distancing at its best.

  • The cars are kept clean and well maintained by the rental companies so you can rest assured of the health and hygiene factors, as opposed to the public transport.

  • Rental companies offer special offers and packages, making conveyance affordable for you.

  • When in another city or another country, with a rental car you have access to transport at all times. You do not need to depend on public transport in a place where you might not be well-acquainted with the commute system.

  • It allows you to travel at your convenience with your friends and family without having to stick to a third-party itinerary.



The moral of the story is; car rental services ensure that you move across your city/town, or during a vacation abroad enjoying absolute convenience and comfort. Nevertheless, while hiring car rental services in India, you must always check the range of services, the quality of the cars, and the overall reputation and track record of the company to avoid any mishaps or misunderstandings. Travel safely and joyfully with a reliable service provider.