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Thank you for visiting our website. Avail a basket of services under foreign exchange from Transcorp at best rates.

Buy Currency

Exchange Indian rupees into any leading foreign currency US Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen and much more. Buy any foreign currency at the most competitive exchange rate of the day.
It is often advisable to carry some money in the form of currency for immediate requirements like paying for food, drink or cab. Rest of the amount you can carry in your Prepaid Multi-currency card for paying through POS.

  • RBI authorised AD II category licence holder
  • Best rates and fast service
  • Most secured and trusted means of currency exchange
Sell Currency

With years of experience in the industry, Company assures you quick and easy foreign currency exchange experience. You can convert your foreign currency into Indian Rupee at the best rates of the day from Transcorp.
Documents Required:
All foreign exchange transactions are being done as per RBI guidelines and as such supporting documents are mandatory. You can sell foreign currency with Transcorp by providing Aadhar/Driving License/ Voter ID/ Passport. If you are an NRI/Foreigner, Passport is mandatory for currency sale.
Currency Sale Limit:
RBI allows you to bring any amount of foreign currency while coming to India. However, if the total value of forex in the form of currency notes brought in crosses USD 10,000 or its equals and/or the value of foreign currency alone exceeds USD 5,000 or its equals, it should be declared to the Customs Authorities at the Airport in the Currency Declaration Form (CDF). You can exchange any amount of foreign currency with Transcorp, but if it is above $5000, CDF declared will be required. Features
Having years of experience and a network of branches all across India. Following are the key features:

  • We accept all major currencies in foreign exchange.
  • We provide Best rates and fast services.
  • We have a nationwide presence.
  • We provide expert opinion on currency rates.
  • We provide personalized services.
  • Easy documentation.
Foreign Currency Travel Card

A Foreign currency travel card or International travel card is a pre-loaded card that allows you to access money in a foreign currency. It enables you to carry cash in the form of a card. Simply load your single/multi-currency card with the desired currency/currencies as per your requirement. An embedded microchip gives you the supreme level of safety as well as the desired peace of mind.
How Does a Forex Card Work?
All foreign exchange transactions are being done as per RBI guidelines and as such supporting documents are mandatory. You can sell foreign currency with Transcorp by providing Aadhar/Driving License/ Voter ID/ Passport. If you are an NRI/Foreigner, Passport is mandatory for currency sale.
Currency Sale Limit:
At the time of purchasing a Prepaid Forex Card, the card is loaded with funds. A wide variants of currencies such as USD, AED, AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, SGD etc. can be loaded in this card. You can use this card like any debit card, secured with a pin at any access point for making payments and withdrawals at foreign locations. For shopping in overseas countries, you can easily swipe the card at POS hubs and money will be deducted from your account. If the Forex Card needs to be loaded or reloaded with currencies, that can be easily arranged. The balance money can be reloaded anytime either online or by doing a bank transfer of funds to the account.
Main Features:
The prepaid travel card is the most upgraded and smartest alternative for liquid cash. The following are the its features:

  • It is highly secured with a chip and a PIN number.
  • Lost and stolen cards are easily replaced.
  • It is easy to load/reload with multiple currencies.
  • Can avoid currency fluctuation by loading currency in advance.
  • Can load up to USD 250,000/ FY
  • The forex travel card is not connected with your bank account.
  • No POS or online usage charges.
  • Helps to swap foreign currency worldwide.

Under the Liberalized Remittance Scheme, all resident Indian citizens including minors can avail foreign currency travel cards up to the extent of US$ 2, 50,000. Forex cards are specifically designed for meeting your needs as a traveller. On your overseas trips, Trancorp highly suggests you to keep a multi-currency or single currency forex card, according to your trip itinerary.

Send money to your relatives or others abroad for education, business, travel or any other purpose at ease.
You want to send money for the purposes as listed below:

  • Education
  • Medical Treatment
  • Emigration
  • Employment
  • Film Shooting
  • Remittance by Tour Operators/Travel Agents to overseas agents/Hotels
  • Fee for participation in global conference and specialized training
  • Remittance for participation in international events/competitions
  • Disbursement of crew wages
  • Remittance under educational tie up arrangement with universities abroad
  • Remittance towards fees for examinations held in India and abroad
  • Skills/Credential assessment fees for intending migrants
  • Visa fees
  • Processing fees for registration of documents as required by the Governments
  • Registration/Subscription/Membership fees to International Organizations.
International Money Transfer for Overseas Education

International money transfer for overseas education is mainly intended for university fee payments abroad. Only the service providers with Authorized Dealer II licence are permitted by Reserve Bank of India to remit money for education purposes abroad. The transactions are processed only after verifying PAN card, university offer letter and other basic KYC’s of the remitter.
Money Transfer Limit: The Reserve Bank of India has set certain limits for international money transfer. Under the LRS of the RBI, all resident citizens of India are allowed to freely send money up to USD 250,000 per each financial year (April – March). Different purposes allowed under LRS include emigration, medical treatments abroad, overseas education, maintenance of close relatives etc. Overseas education fee is generally paid to the foreign university directly after getting the necessary supporting documents. The upper limit of $250000 can be used in a single foreign exchange transaction or multiple foreign exchange transactions combined in a financial year.
Taxability: After the Union Budget of the year 2020-21, fresh revisions have been introduced to the Finance Bill, where 5% of tax would be imposed on overseas remittance for above Rs. 7 Lakhs as TCS (Tax collected at Source) under the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS). TCS on remittances supported by financial institutions (educational loan) for study abroad is kept at 0.5% on the payment above Rs 7 Lakhs.
Why Transcorp for international money transfer?

  • Easy processing with simple documentation.
  • Personalized service to each student.
  • Quick transfer at unbeatable rates.
  • Most trusted and secured service provider for your international money transfer.
International Money Transfer for Family Maintenance

Sending money abroad is a highly demanded forex service. ‘Family maintenance’ tops the list for usage of remittances. It is important to select authorized service providers for remittance under ‘Family Maintenance’ for an easy and secure transaction. LRS allows the resident citizens of India to remit up to USD 2,50,000 or its equals abroad per financial year for the maintenance of close relatives. Authorized Purposes:

  • Maintenance of your house while you are away
  • Financial support for family members
  • Student’s living expenses abroad
  • Payment of student loan etc.
Swift Transfer is the most popular and secure mode of sending money overseas. It ensures speed in the fund transfer process and perfect safety for your money.
Documents Required for Family Maintenance Remittance:
Major documents required include:
  • Any Officially Valid Document (OVD) with the address of the remitter
  • PAN card copy of the remitter
  • Retail outward remittance application – A2 cum LRS Declaration
While transferring money for family maintenance; you need to ensure that you have given the receiver’s details properly. The beneficiary has to ensure that he/she receives the fund on time and both the sender and receiver have to keep all receipts for the future references. It is very important that you have chosen the right authorized dealer like Trancorp International Ltd, while sending money abroad for family maintenance. Through Trancorp, overseas remittances have become easy, reliable and secure! We invite you to try our services and save more on your money transfers!


Emigration is the procedure of people travelling from one country to the other. Usually people immigrate to foreign countries to improve their quality of life. Any person applying for PR in a foreign country has to pay a permanent residency fee, Visa fee for migration and certain deposits to clear the PR Visa. International fund transfers for Emigration or permanent residency can be done at ease now.>/br> Importance of International Money Transfer for Emigration:
International migration has been increasing over the last two decades. An individual wanting to migrate to an abroad country can withdraw foreign currency up to the amount prescribed by the country of emigration or USD 250,000. Remittance above this limit may be permitted by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) only for meeting incidental expenses in the country of immigration.
Documents Required:
The following are the basic documents required for Emigration Remittances:

  • Retail Outward Remittance Application form – A2 cum LRS Declaration.
  • PAN card copy.
  • Emigration Visa.
  • Passport Copy.
Key Features:
With the experience and expertise the company can help you in emigration remittance in the most secured manner.
  • Quick transfer at unbeatable rates.
  • Send money for migration in a trusted and secured manner.
  • Direct credit to overseas accounts
  • Easy processing with simple documentation.
  • Can process with minimum charges.

Outward Remittance – FAQ

How can I send money abroad?

  • Customers can book and pay outward remittance within our portal “Transwire”
  • Get in touch with us through number: WhatsApp number: or mail at or request a call back to book a send money abroad option. We will call you back to update you regarding all the details.

To whom can I remit for the purpose of ‘maintenance of close relatives?

  • Father (including step-father)
  • Mother (including step-mother)
  • Son (including step-son)
  • Daughter’s husband
  • Brother (including step-brother)
  • Sister (including step-sister)
  • Husband and Wife.
  • Son’s wife
  • Daughter

Is it mandatory for resident individual s to have a PAN number for sending outward remittances?


How can the beneficiary staying abroad receive the amount?

Sending money through wire transfer enables the beneficiary to get credit in his account.

Are there any restrictions on remittance?

No. The total amount of foreign exchange purchased or remitted through, all sources in India during a financial year should be within the cumulative limit of USD 2,50,000/-

What is the maximum amount that can be sent/remitted for education?

The amount is based LRS limit.

What are the documents that I need to submit for Sending money abroad?

Any ID proof and Pan card of the sender.
Beneficiary bank details.


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