Prepaid Card

Prepaid Card

The Transcorp has launched co-branded Prepaid Card enabled by Rupay with association with his Banking Partner Yes Bank. This card delivers a simple and efficient payment solution for customers. This Rupay enable prepaid cards has much to offer than just a simple card like cashless and secure way to pay utility bills,Bills at Food outlets,Online Shopping and more.

This card empowered convergence to the young and non-banked population of the country.

This co-branded Prepaid Cards can be purchased by customers (Not below the age of 18) who fulfill the basic KYC Documents at Transcorp Counters. The card is similar to a prepaid mobile phone card concept which works on “pay now & use at your convenience”. The card can be used after submition of all the KYC Documents. Money up to a cumulative load of Rs. 50,0000 (as per Reserve Bank of India guidelines) can be loaded onto a reloadable card Online or through Transcorp Outlets by giving cash to the outlet operator to load onto the card.

These cards can be used wherever the any Rupay Card is accepted and also for specific purposes like paying utility bills online, shopping, booking railway tickets, etc.

This card offer offer The convenience, security and utility of a branded card for a general daily spending to specific payments or uses.

The card provides an easy entry point into the financial mainstream to underserved individuals who might not have traditional banking relationships, allowing them to pay for purchases and bills, shop online and by phone or obtain cash at ATMs when they otherwise could not.